Telehealth appointments are convenient tools for receiving necessary information about various medical procedures. And if you’re considering medical abortion or surgical abortion, you’ll want to ensure you have the facts before making a pregnancy decision.

Many women find that speaking with a medical professional from the comfort of their own home is convenient and works with their schedule. Today’s Choice Women’s Center provides free and confidential telehealth appointments with a nurse so you can get the answers you need.

Why This Type of Appointment?

A telehealth appointment can safeguard your health by providing valuable details about pregnancy options and helping you find further care. A nurse can answer questions like:

  • Should I confirm my pregnancy before having a medical abortion?
  • What are the risks and side effects of abortion procedures?
  • Should I speak with a medical provider before making a pregnancy decision?
  • What if I’m spotting?
  • Is an at-home abortion safe? Could I have complications?
  • What steps should I take when I learn I’m pregnant?
  • What if I’m Rh negative?
  • Should I have my IUD removed before an abortion?

We’ll protect your personal information during this appointment. You deserve privacy and information from trusted medical professionals. We’re here for you.

Schedule an Appointment Today

You may need more services after a telehealth appointment. Our center also provides on-site services, including:

  • Lab-quality pregnancy tests
  • Limited obstetric ultrasounds
  • Options consultations
  • Medical consultations
  • Emotional support

Whether you need to confirm pregnancy details, learn about your options, or find community referrals, we want to help. We’re your go-to resource for care that is private and professional.

Contact Today’s Choice Women’s Center today to schedule your free and confidential telehealth appointment. Start receiving the answers you need to move forward.

What to Expect at Today's Choice Women's Center

When you visit Today's Choice, you can expect no-cost and confidential services, accurate information, and a safe space to talk and ask questions. Schedule your free and confidential appointment today!

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