How will abortion affect me mentally?

How Will Abortion Affect Me Mentally?

There’s a lot of focus on the physical effects of abortion, but it’s also important to consider how it might affect your mental health. The emotional and psychological impacts can

Why Talk to us About Abortion?

Why Talk to Us About Abortion?

Choosing an abortion is a big decision that can affect your health. We talk about this to make sure all women have the information they need to make a confident

What Are the Risks of Abortion?

What Are the Risks of Abortion?

There are risks with any type of medical or surgical procedure you undertake. The same is true for abortion.  There are two types of abortion: medical and surgical. They both


Common Contraceptives & Pregnancy Risks

“Rates of unintended pregnancies are particularly high in young women, a finding that may be associated with their tendency not to use contraceptives correctly and/or consistently. For millennial women, busy


What Our Patients Say

What Our
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