Today’s Choice Women’s Center prioritizes the needs of our patients. When you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you need medical services that focus on your well-being and provide the information you need. We value you and treat you with the respect you deserve.

We offer free and confidential medical consultations to answer your questions and learn about the pregnancy. You’re welcome to bring a partner or support person; we want you to feel at ease during your appointment!

What to Expect

It’s natural to wonder what to expect. After all, you’re experiencing a challenging situation and likely want clarity on your options.

During a medical consultation, you’ll receive the following services:

  • Lab-quality pregnancy test
  • Limited obstetric ultrasound
  • Abortion information (i.e., procedure details, risks, side effects)
  • Options information
  • Answers to your pregnancy-related questions

We can also provide you with accurate medical information and important facts so you can make a fully informed decision. Sometimes, women are unaware of whether they have medical conditions that prevent them from seeking certain pregnancy options. We’ll discuss whether you have certain ineligibility factors, such as an advanced gestational age, or medical conditions like liver or kidney disease.

You should always speak with a medical provider before deciding on abortion.

You may feel that you need to figure out these answers on your own. But sound medical advice and an ultrasound are more important than ever when pregnant. Today’s Choice Women’s Center doesn’t profit from your pregnancy decision. We provide pressure-free, discreet services, and quality care because you come first.

Care Tailored to Your Needs

Our center is dedicated to your needs and unique situation. You’ll never have to pay for our services, and we’re committed to keeping your personal information confidential. We offer accurate information on all your options and answer questions honestly.

Contact us today to schedule a medical consultation.

What to Expect at Today's Choice Women's Center

When you visit Today's Choice, you can expect no-cost and confidential services, accurate information, and a safe space to talk and ask questions. Schedule your free and confidential appointment today!

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